Sunday, March 21, 2010

Google Nexus One - Claro Peru MMS/EDGE Setup

At TED 2010 in Long Beach, California I was another really lucky TEDster receiving as a gift an unlocked Google Phone, the HTC Nexus One. Google also gave us a T-Mobile simcard with free calls and unlimited 3G internet for a month. Here is the picture of my phone still in the box with the instructions on the letter on the right.

After returning to Peru, I used my Claro simcard on the Nexus One. I configured the APN as the mobile connection for data, and Internet browsing, the second button on the bottom of the screen, select Settings / Wireles & networks / Mobile networks/ Access Point Names the second button New APN, the set up with the following information:





Username: claro

Password: claro



MMS proxy:

MMS port:

MCC: 716

MNC: 10

Authentication type: None

APN Type: default

Then is needed to setup the MMS connection. Start creating another APN and setup it as follows:




Port: 80

Username: claro

Password: claro

Server: http://claro/servlets/mms

MMSC: http://claro/servlets/mms

MMS proxy:

MMS port: 80

MCC: 716

MNC: 10

Authentication type: None

APN Type: mms

Only the first APN which connects the Nexus One with the internet will show on the right a circle with a green dot which means it is connected. It is very important that the APN type: default for the data and browsing, on the MMS is necessary that the APN type: mms, in this case the circle on the right does not appear. This configuration makes the APN change from data to MMS and back. There is no explanation why this is how it works, but in my case it does work for Claro (America Movil) in Peru. Also remember that Claro and Telefonica are not using the 2100 band for 3G so you will only be able to use EDGE.

Hope this will help others with a Nexus One phone in Peru and around the world

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Transcript of Unveiling the Peruvian Cuisine at TEDU2009

In 3 minutes I will show you a personal selection of the Peruvian cuisine that is turning Lima in one of the gourmet capitals of the world.

Let me introduce you the yellow potato from more than 7000 types, the chilli peppers, the Peruvian corn maybe the largest in the world and our exotic fruits . These are only a few of the ingredients that are part of what you will experience now.

It is not just food, it is also design and technology applied and re-invented by a group of young Peruvian chefs, who are turning the Peruvian cuisine into a global brand and a national pride.

Start the experience taking a pisco sour our national cocktail and then

Quoting James Joyce "God made food; the devil the cooks."
At Pescados Capitales only the letter S makes the difference in spanish between the word fish and the word sin, I recommend here a dish called the Original Sin which is the famous Cebiche of Sole fish - Cebiche de Lenguado our Peruvian flagship dish: Small pieces of sole in lemon marinade with onions and a touch of chilli. Served with sweet potato and corn.

A deconstruction and reconstruction of a northern Peruvian dish at Rafael, were you can get a marvellous rice and duck:Made as an aromatic coriander rice with the most delicate duck .

As glorious as the place called La Gloria where you can have seabass with Peruvian potato scales served with asparagus in delicate orange sauce:Glorious broiled seabass with potato scales serve with sparragus and zuccinis in an orange sauce.

Now “seco” that means dry at Jose Antonio but it is the opposite of this dish. Combines tender baby goat marinated in fermented corn beer called chicha de jora stewed with coriander and chilli peppers and served with “canary beens” and white rice.

The fusion of Italy and Peru with the Andean Raviolis at la Bodeguita:Were pasta is stuffed with Peruvian sweet potato serve with pork medallions in a white wine.

Combining all with Chicha morada, made with blue corn tasty and really healthy.

From Arequipa, to keep in memory an appetizer, called “Ocopa”: A family recipe from Arequipa. Creamy peanut and chilli pepper hot sauce served over steamed peruvian potatoes
at Memoria del Sabor.

Japanesse fusion, Peruvian sea food with Andean natural ingredient maca scallops with flying fish caviar at Toshiro: Maca Scallops and flying fish caviar with lemon, avocado, egg yolt , limo chili pepper and mayonnaise.

Causa: Maybe the new global way to eat potatoes.
A variety of Peruvian causas made with our huamantaga yellow potato, and fill with shrimp, avocado, tuna, vegetables, chicken etc. at Tanta called causachis.

A jump of flavours combining Peruvian and Chinese cuisines we called it Lomo Saltado - Jumping Steak:Morsels of tender beef seasoned with spices, onions, tomatoes, served with with fried potatoes and rice at Astrid&Gaston.

A fusion of Italian risotto and our Lomo Saltado turning into the Risotto Creolle:Morsels of tender beef seasoned with spices, onions, tomatoes (Lomo Saltado), with risotto at la Trattoria.

Not so hot but tasty you have to try chicken in aji sauce “Aji de Gallina”:A unique sauce made with shredded chicken breast, roasted nuts, “mirasol” chilli pepper an spices. Served with white rice and slices of yellow potato at Señorio de Sulco

I love sweet and here is my selection and the places where you can order them:
- Lucuma Mousse with chocolate and vanilla sauce @La Tratoria.
- Chocolate Mille-feuille with rum banana and pistachio icecream @La Gloria
- Suspiro de Limeña, Lima Sigh @La Bodeguita
- Banana Cheese Cake @Rafael
- Cherimoya Mousse with chocolate sauce @Pescados Capitales
- Tasting Selection @Cala

Finally as a pusse Café order a pure Pisco our Peruvian quebranta grape aguardiente.

There are thousands of reasons to get in love with my country and here you have free e-book to download of the first 101 reasons at

You may be hungry now, please come to Peru and discover all this taste.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

67 Optical illusions & Visuals Phenomena

It is good to know about this great collection of how we see some things. Please check

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turning visitors into users

It is always important to produce value on a site, this is a good set of recommendations to start with. Many people loose customers because they forget to follow up what they do on their site, this is an opportunity to turn them profitable.

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Original Signal - Transmitting Web 2.0 aggregates the 15 most popular web 2.0 weblogs like TechCrunch, Read/WriteWeb, Solution Watch, 37signals, eHub, GigaOM etc.

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